Online Sports 2.6


Watch online broadcasts from and

*When you open a broadcast wait for the adds to disappear by its own and stream will start. It could take from 20 to 40 or more seconds. If adds wont disappear try to refresh or open it again.*

---For support or suggestions, please send an email to the link below. Comments here can't be answered.---

**Flash required.**

Watch online matches from and on your mobile.

Online Sports shows you the matches listed on the web pages. Will find you the ones you could see (wont appear P2P links nor Bwin links, for example). Also shows you, if avalible, the language of the broadcast, the quality, and will open it in fullscreen directly.

Once you click on a broadcast, if the link sends you to a web with embebed streaming, will open the web. But if the link brings you to the streaming, without any kind of content (adds), will open just the stream, adapted to your device resolution, so you will see it directly on fullscreen (icon to the right of the broadcast).

In both cases will open in fullscreen (no tittle bars), in landscape, with flash enabled (wont see the icon and will have to click on it, directly load of the stream), and will set the screen to not going off.

Some links with embebed broadcasts could be shown in fullscreen without the need of opening the page. But dont think people wich is doing the stream would like it too much.

* Location permission is needed for the adds (Admob).

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